Slitter Knives & Circular Knives Grinder

Product ID: CV-450

Slitter Knives & Circular Knives Grinder
This grinding machine features precision structural design and a range of useful functions with the added plus of easy operation.
All adjustments and blade replacements are carried out with the protective cover in place for the ultimate in safety and noise reduction.
This is a powerful yet operator- and environmentally-friendly machine.
Machine structure of full-electricity type leaves no worry of hydraulic oil pollutions.
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Slitter Knives & Circular Knives Grinder

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Measurements Standard Accessories
Grinding range/circular knife diameter : ø65 ~ ø350 mm Fully enclosed spiash guard : 1 set
Swivel angle : ± 45º Coolant system : 1 set
Electric control of X-axis reciprocation Blade clamp seat ø90mm :1
 - Working lamp :1 pc
Actual grinding wheel diameter :ø200 mm Plane gringing wheel : 1 pc
 - Flange :1 set
Grinding wheel motor : 1.5 kw Tool box :1 set
Grinding wheel rotation speed : 3800 rpm Manual Lubrication System :1 set
Cooling system motor : 0.13KW -
Installation power : 2 kw -
Net weight/gross weight:815/885 kg -
Packing damensions : 123*113*172cm -
Contact Detail
Contact:Mr. KUO TIAN YAU
Address:No.5, Jingke 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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