CNC Sawblade Sharpening Machine

CNC Sawblade Sharpening Machine

Sawing machine & CNC Sawblade Sharpening Machine

Product ID: EMA-500 4A

CNC Sawblade Sharpening Machine


EMA series Saw blade Sharpening Machines are CNC sawblade sharpening machines with four axes servo control.


Fully automatic operations for sawblade outer diameter, number of teeth, sharpening amounts,cutting angles, back clearance angles, and up-down chamfer. Humanized two handwheels make re-sharpen old teeth easy to operate.

The elegant, fully-enclosed splash guard is standard equipment.

The guard prevents dust pollution during wet sharpening, reduces noise, and provides an excellent working environment.

The new designed and special window provides widen vision and easy to see the grinded object. It is easy to open the guard and convenient to change the saw blade.

The newly designed touch screen with patented graphical display which makes no more language barriers.

Any language speakers can learn quickly. Add F & ECO teeth type for friction saw blade. EMA models are the best choice for your working requirement

A fully automatic CNC HSS sawblade sharpening machine.
CBN diamond grinding wheel.
Cooling system
Automatic cutting angle setting.
Grinding wheel speed setting.
Three axes servo control.
Oil mist filter
Patented splash guard.

CNC Saw blade Sharpening Machine

grinding wheel positioning video

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Specification Table:

Grinding Range Ø95-Ø500 mm(Optional Ø45-Ø120 mm)
(45- 120選配)
Chamfering Range 165 - 500 mm
Number of Teeth 10-998 Teeth
Sawblade Thickness Max.8mm
Cutting Angle 0° ~ 30°
Grinding Speed 1-60 Teeth / Min
Wheel Diameter Ø200mm
Wheel Bore Ø32mm
Wheel Thickness Max. 8 mm
Wheel Motor 4.0kw
Wheel Speed 2500-6000 rpm
X-axis Moto AC Servomotor
Z-axis Motor AC Servomotor
B-axis Motor AC Servomotor
Y-axis Motor AC Servomotor
Coolant pump Motor 2.4 kw
Oil Mist Recycle Device 0.55 kw
Magnetic Filler 25w
Power Require 10 kw
Net Weight 954 kg
Packing Gross Weight 1342 kg
Packing Size 188 x 173 x 206 cm

All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown In this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

Sawblade Thickness Adjusbng seat Ø90 mm. Sawblade Thickness Adjusting seat Ø35mm.
Sawblade Clamp Ø150 mm. Sawbtede Thickness Adjusting seat Ø65 mm.
Sawblade Clamp Ø200 mm. Sawblade Clamp Ø35 mm.
Sawblade Clamp Ø250mm. Sawblade Clamp Ø65mm
Sawblade Clamp Ø300mm Sawblade Clamp Ø90mm.
Sawblade Clamp Ø350mm Sawblade Clamp Ø120mm.
Sawblade Clamp Ø400 mm. Diamond Dressing Bar
  Grinding Wheel Dresser
Tool Box Automatic Voltagae Stabilizer
  Cutting Oil
Diamond Dressing Bar Lubricating Oil
Grinding Wheel Dresser
CBN Grinding Wheel Ø200 x 32 x 1.3T
CBN Grinding Wheel Ø200 x 32 x 1.75T
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