Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

Product ID: S300

Saw Blade Sharpening Machine – The grinding machine is mainly applied to furniture, bicycles, pipe cutting, saw grinding, motorcycle and electronic components.
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  • Desktop type machine.
  • Constant Sharpening Speed: 90 teeth / minute
  • It is applicable for grinding the straight teeth and the circular arc teeth. The teeth shape changed per your need only with a hex. spanner.
  • It isuitable to select and purchase the special bantamweight clamping seat of the sawblade for this machine, thus the little sawblade in 30 diameter could be ground.
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Specification Table:

Specifications Standard Accessory

Grinding Range: Ø65 ~ 300mm

(Optional accessories: Ø35 ~ 100mm)

Work Lamp: 1 pc
Tooth pitch: 25 mm Max. Tool Box: 1 set
Tooth depth: 8 mm Guide Plate: 1 pc
Sawblade Thickness: 8 mm Under Operation Manual: 1 copy
Grinding speed (Constant speed): 90 teeth / min  Grinding wheel: 5 pcs
Cutting angle: 0 ~ 30° -
Grinding wheel specification: Ø150 x Ø25 mm -
Grinding wheel speed 50HZ/60HZ: 3800/4500 rpm -
Grinding wheel motor: 1/3 HP -
Transmission motor: 1/4 HP -
Net Weight / Gross Weight: 130 / 160 KG -
Package Size: 75 x 68 x 72 cm -
Contact Detail
Contact:Mr. KUO TIAN YAU
Address:No.5, Jingke 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 40852, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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