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End Mill Spiral Sharpener (EY-32C)

End Mill Spiral Sharpener

End Mill Sharpener is equipped with 4 cams (No.1-No.4), it can be used in grinding the drill bit, end milling, screw tapping and core drilling by simply changing the cam only.

To grind the drill of different diameter, you can adjust the scale according to the diameter, place any cutting edge parallelled to the positioning device, and start the process. This method applies to any other cutters as well.

Sharpping drills with upward-downward vibration

An innovation of sharpping drills with upward-downward vibration. Use a chunk to clamp the drill, only shake the grip, and the drill will rotate, sway back and forth, and the working tip will oscillate up and down, three actions proceed simultaneously. Changing angles automatically to sharpen the front edge angle, debris angle and skive the drill and center point. all actions can be finished in one process. It displays a high effciency and high precision performance.

Adjusting button for rear bevel angle of drill

An adjusting button for rear bevel angle of drill can control the shape size of the rear bevel angle. when more sharp edge is required, turn the button to higher scale tigue, so you will get whatever you desired.

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Specification Table
Measurements Standard Attachments
Grinding Range: Ø3 ~ Ø32mm Sealed Stand
Grinding Wheel Motor:1/2 HP Flange with Counter Weight
CBN Grinding Wheel:Ø125 x 2.0T x 31.75mm Collect Ø 6,8,10,12,16,20,25 mm
Grinding Length:15 - 200 mm Quartz Working Light
Grinding Wheel Rotational Speed:4300rpm Operation Manual
Net Weight/Gross Weight: 141 / 190 kgs Tool Box
Packing Dimensions: 82 x 78 x 147 cm CBN Grinding Wheel Ø125 x 2.0T x 31.75 mm