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Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine (S450C)

Brand-new Design

• The patented,elegant, and fully-endosed splash guardis standard accessory. The splash guard is designed to prevent from dust pollution during wet sharpening and reduces noise.

• The newly designed window provides wide vision and easy to view the grinding object. The splash guard is easy to open and convenient to change the saw blade.

• This professional saw blade sharpening machine is well-designed based on our years of experience.

• Brand-new design: This sharpening machine is designed from the operator's point of view. The adjusting levers are arranged ideally for the operator to adjust easily the culling angle, the back clearance angle, the teeth depth and teeth pitch of the saw blade. Therefore, the edgy saw blade can be ground out rapidly and precisely.

Stepless Change (Continuous Variable Speeds)

• It uses the frequency inverter to control the grinding speed. Therefore, the grinding speed can be adjusted easily following the changes of the teeth pilch according to the requirement. It doesn't use the step pulley so there is no pulley consuming problem.

The Adjustment Of Saw Blade Thickness

• The saw blade thickness is adjusted by a precision graduator,which can accurately adjust the center point of  the saw blade.

Sharpening Capabifity Of High-low Teeth

• The difference of high-low teeth is adjusted by a control dial. The C type teeth with high-low difference can be ground out once.

Tooth Shape Cam

• The industrial and professional tooth shape cam is designed through anaccurately calculated mimic process of the computer. It makes your saw blade grinding jobs simpler, faster and more accurate.

• The grinding head can be adjusted up-and-down, so the chamfer angle can be ground out without changing the cam.

• The tungsten-carbide-tipped pushing jaw has maximum wear resistance to maintain the accurate feeding.

• Casting of machine are made of ductile iron(FCD-45) for the best wear resistance, tempered and stress relief.

• All of the main parts are made of SKD II alloy steel, hardened and precision ground.

• The spring of push arm is reformed to ensure the precision of the feeding. Rotary type spring has better resistance from elasticity fatigue.

• The support base of the saw blade feeding shalt uses the high tensile brass alloy and embeds the high-tech-made solid lubricant inside. It features heavy load capacity and good wear-resistance to accomplish the oil-free feed function.

• The enlarged 30mm feeding shaft is hardened and precision ground.

Specification Table
Specifications Standard Accessory

Saw blade Diameter: Ø65 ~ 450mm

(Optional accessories: Ø35 ~ 100mm)

Work Lamp: 1 pc
Tooth pitch: 25 mm Max. Tool Box: 1 set
Sawblade Thickness: 8 mm Under Guide Plate: 2 pc

Grinding speed: 35 ~135 teeth / min

Operation Manual: 1 copy
Cutting angle: 0 ~ 25° Grinding wheel: 10 pcs
Grinding wheel diameter: Ø150 mm -
Grinding wheel motor: 0.37KW -
Transmission motor: 0.37KW -
Cooling motor: 0.09KW -
Grinding wheel speed 50HZ/60HZ: 3800/4500 rpm -
Net Weight / Gross Weight: 337 / 417 KG -
Package Size: 113 x 92 x 160 cm -